An automated fuel management solution

What is Vanddis Energy Plus?

Vanddis Energy Plus is VANDDIS B.V.'s scalable and automated fuel management solution, whose main objective is to ensure that the correct amount and type of fuel is supplied to your fleet of vehicles.

Our passive vehicle tags require no wiring or power supply and can be easily installed on most vehicles and machines in 15 minutes. You can be sure that your installation cost and vehicle downtime will be minimal. Vanddis Energy Plus, has two levels of protection in case of theft of the label installed in the vehicle


Prepaid Energy plus

Postpaid Energy plus


Vanddis Energy Plus uses a secure system of radio frequency transmitters and tags attached to the nozzles of pumps and vehicles, all designed to meet the requirements for operating safely in a hazardous area. Vanddis Energy Plus is programmed so that only when the correct fuel hose is selected and the nozzle is fully inserted into the fuel tank inlet will the transaction be approved and fuel delivered to the vehicle. With Vanddis Energy Plus, electronic payment is made automatically and without human intervention. Vanddis Energy Plus is completely secure, supports advanced trading rules as it is backed up and processed by our powerful transactional server.​
Improve efficiency and reduce expenses by implementing automated refueling solutions that prevent fuel waste and fraud by monitoring and controlling your vehicles’ fuel usage. Provide industrial fleet managers with complete control of cars/transport vehicles/trucks/tankers to ensure maximum precision with minimum human intervention, for an optimal, safe and reduced fueling environment in fuel consumption. gas. Reduce fuel consumption with robust, fit-for-purpose automated refueling solutions, complete with contactless tag readers, automatic data capture functionality, and back-office services.​​